News Dong Huanlong’s New Outfit - Crystal Love

The limited skin Dong Huanlong- Crystal Love will be released on June 1st, let's go on a romantic date with Rumi~

Dong Huanlong- Crystal Love

Attribute: Limited

Available Time: June 1st

How to obtain: Djinn Wish

Dong Huanlong ditched the traditional cheongsam and replaced it with a cool blue dress that exuded charm. The Dragon in her body, "Feili", has transformed into a crystal dragon body, always ready to fight with Dong Huanlong. They live for each other, depend on each other, protect each other, like a pair of crystal lovers. 

[Appearance effect]

[Battle effect]

During the battle, the Dragon's attacks become more and more powerful, the crystal dragon's body falls from above. When it hits the enemy, it will create a crystal column that seems to hold the enemy in place unable to move, in fact to inflicts a heavy attack on the enemy. Every time the Dragon attacks, it shows its determination to protect Dong Huanlong!