News Dong Huanlong Profile + Q&A with the Design Team


As a dragon-themed hero introduced in "Metal Slug: Awakening," Dong Huanlong possesses unique qualities and has a mysterious background. In this edition, we have invited the esteemed artist "Axia" and the design team lead "Tong" to share the creative story behind Dong Huanlong.

【Dong Huanlong Profile】

[Development and Creative Concept Revealed]

Q1: What makes this new hero special compared to previous heroes?

Artist (Axia): From an artistic design perspective, the most distinctive feature of this hero undoubtedly revolves around the dragon element. She wears a cheongsam, showcasing the intellectual beauty of an Eastern woman. It is brimming with Chinese elements, and she can even summon dragons with her attacks.

Designer (Tong): We have defined her as a support-type hero. Unlike most existing supports who primarily provide buffs to firepower heroes and have limited damage output themselves, Dong Huanlong belongs to a completely new type. She can deal considerable damage even when she is not on the battlefield. During battles, regardless of which heroes are present, players will witness the presence of a shadowy dragon, which is the dragon sealed within Dong Huanlong. When the dragon awakens, it can unleash massive damage. Moreover, the visual effects of this dragon are extremely impressive, so everyone can look forward to it!

Q2: A hero with a strong Chinese element must have an exciting background story! Please share it with us.

Artist (Axia): Dong Huanlong is a descendant of the Dragon Tamer Clan. The Dragon Tamer Clan is an ancient family with a long history. She is also the owner of a jade shop. She appears seductive, mature, and charming on the surface, but she is a meticulous thinker. She can be ruthless when it comes to her own interests. Of course, she is also a hedonist and a collector of cheongsams.

Designer (Tong): When Dong Huanlong was a child, she experienced a tragic fire accident. At the age of seven, the dragon spirit sealed within her awakened during the incident. She was then taken away by the head of her family and became the newest descendant of the Dragon Tamer Clan. Her name was changed to "Dong Huanlong," which sounds similar to "Dragon Tamer" in Chinese.

Over a decade has passed, and she has grown into a stunning and mature young woman. Under the cultivation of the clan's leader, she mastered the Dragon Tamer Dance, which can summon the dragon spirit. She became a qualified descendant of the Dragon Tamer Clan and the head of the Dong family. However, unlike the previous descendants who guarded the dragon for the well-being of China, Dong Huanlong only wants to live a better life with the dragon within her. With her immense family wealth, she enjoys life leisurely and indulges in worldly pleasures. For Dong Huanlong, her own happiness and her dragon "Feili", within her are more important than the abstract concept of "greater righteousness."

Q3: What were the main challenges you encountered during the creative process, and how did you overcome them?

Designer (Tong): When creating this hero, there were several key challenges we faced:

  1. There are already many Spec-Ops heroes in the game. We needed to find a Spec-Ops that could provide significant assistance to players' teams. After careful consideration, we came up with the idea of allowing her to deal damage even when not present on the battlefield, which was a breakthrough in our approach.
  2. As the first dragon-themed hero, we wanted players to experience the immense power of dragons through the hero. Therefore, we tried various directions and made many breakthroughs. She is the first hero with a predominantly Chinese design, and the dragon effect is truly impressive. She is also the first hero with exclusive effects throughout her body. We hope everyone will enjoy this new hero we have designed!

Q4: What aspect of the creation process are you most satisfied with, or are there any new thoughts you would like to share with the commanders?

Designer (Tong): In designing the new hero "Dong Huanlong," we have lowered the learning curve for players, making her easier to pick up. This allows players to focus on dealing with the game's mechanics and enemy attacks. Of course, we have also implemented many interesting designs and mechanics for players to explore. We look forward to players' discovery and enjoyment of these aspects.