Guide Law Enforcer Ilum, a quick guide to the dual-form bonus combinations!

Dual form switching, attack and defense bonus, background guard, accelerated charging! The law enforcement officer of the Armer, Ilum, has now landed on the Alloy Continent. Today, Little Rumi brought you different lineup strategies for Ilum. Let's take a look~

Table of Contents
  1. Ame Refresh Stream
  2. Scarlett Smash
[Ame Refresh Stream]

Rumi first brings you a Refresh Stream with Ame as the output, for your reference ~

This lineup is mainly composed of Ame, Ilum and Dong Huanlong. With the assistance of Ilum, Ame can charge the finishing move faster, and it will also provide attack bonus. Combined with Dong Huanlong's true dragon attack, Ame can deal high damage faster and more frequently. In actual combat, Ilum is the first to appear. While using the attack power bonus, he uses the grenade output to hit the weak state, and then releases the finishing move Supreme Judgment to increase the subsequent damage and finishing move charging efficiency.

Then switch to Dong Huanlong, use the fission gun to make him seriously injured, release the finishing move, let the real dragon continue to attack, and then release the skill Dragon Bind to maximize the damage.

Ame is the last to appear, releasing "Firepower Assault" to activate "Firepower Barrage", and charging "Wind Cannon" while continuously outputting horizontal barrage. With Ilum's bonus, the output is very exaggerated. Then release the fully charged "Wind Cannon" and then "Wind Blade Blast" to launch dense wind blade attacks, plus Dong Huanlong's real dragon attack, the overall output is very exaggerated.

Finally, I’ve attached a combo diagram for everyone to practice.

[Scarlett Smash]

The last set I recommend is to use scarlett as the core of the output, with Ilum and Dong Huanlong. After quickly recovering the finishing move, scarlett can quickly and continuously fire the enhanced weapon to continuously output explosive damage. In actual combat, Ilum will be the first to appear, hit the weak state, and then release the finishing move to increase the subsequent damage while quickly charging the team characters.

Then switch to Dong Huanlong to enter the burning state, and then release the finishing move, allowing the real dragon to continue attacking, and use skills to further increase the damage.

Finally, scarlett came on the court and used her finishing move "Victor the Tennis Ballista" to continue to output damage, and used the skill "Perfect Return of Serves" to hit the rebound ball again, firing a reinforced weapon shot, resulting in high damage.

Likewise, combos have been prepared for all commanders, and you can choose your favorite lineup to practice!