Guide Dong Huanlong team matching

Table of contents:
  1. Analysis of Dong Huanlong’s skills
  2. Team combination for Dong Huanlong
  3. Practical demonstration
【Analysis of Dong Huanlong’s skills】

As a Spec-Ops hero, Dong Huanlong, wielding HMG, mainly relies on the passive summoning of the Dragon to increase the team's damage.

After using her first skill, "Dragon Bind," she continuously pulls and damages enemies within range. At the same time, as long as Dong Huanlong is in the team, any hero on the field dealing damage to enemies will summon the Dragon to cause damage.

Her ultimate skill, "Dragon Soars," inflicts "DMG Augmentation" on all enemies and continuously summons 5 enhanced "Dragon Attacks." If a hero in the team carries an IGNITE weapon, there is a chance for the "Dragon Attacks" to trigger the "Scorching Pursuit" talent, activating the passive skill again. Additionally, the talent "Power of Dragon Fire" allows the "Dragon Attacks" to directly cause "DMG Augmentation," and in combination with "Dragon's Intimidation," each time the Dragon inflicts damage, it boosts the team's attack power, resulting in extremely high overall damage.

【Dong Huanlong Team Composition】

After analyzing Dong Huanlong's skills, it can be observed that IGNITE  weapons can maximize her support capabilities. Therefore, she pairs well with Ame, who wields the Chainblade Rifle.

Ame, wielding the Chainblade Rifle, enters a flying state after using her skills, activating the Divine Wing and slightly increasing her damage with the "Flight DMG Bonus" talent.

At the same time, the "Firepower Assault" skill unleashes "Firepower Barrage," and the "Wind Blade Blast" releases wind blade attacks, both continuously charging the "Wind Cannon" to unleash explosive damage. Although these two skills activate different bullet attacks, they both have high single-shot damage. With the bullet damage provided by the "Divine Wing Bullet DMG" talent and the high-frequency attacks from the "Divine Wing Speedup," the output can be further increased. When combined with the IGNITE effect from the Chainblade Rifle, the damage is further enhanced.

In addition, considering that Ame's damage in the flying state can be increased by critical hit rate, it is recommended to choose Lilith as the third hero in the team.

After Lilith uses her first skill, "Genetic Powerball" she summons drones that not only deal damage but also heal the team and increase the critical hit rate, critical hit damage, and attack power of deployed heroes. When the talent "Enduring Battery" is activated, it can also enhance the drone's ability to recover health.

The ultimate skill, "Nano Rabbit Herd," additionally summons drones that cause high-range damage upon impact with enemies and continuously increase the team's damage to enemies while residing on them. At this point, by replacing the main hero with an explosive damage dealer and using the talent "Mass Produced Model," the drones can continuously heal all team members. In combination with the talent "Biochemical Explosion" the output can be further increased. When the drones return, there is also a healing effect that continuously maintains the current health of the heroes on the field.

With the team assembled, let's now follow Rumi to see the practical effects in action.

【Practical Demonstration】

Lilith takes the lead and instantly inflicts WOUND status with the Fission Gun, then activates the ultimate skill, "Nano Rabbit Herd," attaching it to the enemy, continuously increasing the team's damage. With the talent "Biochemical Explosion" activated, the damage is further increased. Then Lilith uses the Genetic Powerball skill to deal damage and increase the team's critical hit rate, critical hit damage, and attack power.

Next, switch to Dong Huanlong, WEAK the enemy with the HMG, and then use the ultimate skill, "Dragon Soars," to inflict "DMG Augmentation" on the enemy. With the boost from the talent "Power of Dragon Fire," the "Dragon Attacks" also cause "Dmg Augmentation," enhancing the team's output. Then release "Dragon Bind" to deal damage once again, further increasing the overall team output.

Finally, switch to Ame, activate "Firepower Assault" to unleash "Firepower Barrage," continuously release bullet attacks, and charge the "Wind Cannon." While the Chainblade Rifle inflicts the IGNITE status, the rabbit drones explode, resulting in extremely high damage. Then release the fully charged "Wind Cannon" followed by "Wind Blade Blast" to launch a dense wind blade attack. Combined with Dong Huanlong's Dragon Attacks, the output is further enhanced.

It can also be observed that during Ame's extensive bullet barrage, the Dragon Attacks summoned by Dong Huanlong increase the damage. Combined with Lilith's drones continuously healing and boosting the team's damage, the overall team composition demonstrates excellent synergy and high damage output.