Guide Dong Huanlong’s recommended combination


Dong Huanlong, a comprehensive damage-boosting support guide!

Use the power of "Feili'' to help double the team's combat power! Dong Huanlong is now officially online, and commanders will definitely feel the full power of the Year of the Dragon from her skills! To allow everyone to better utilize Dong Huanlong's potential, Rumi specially brought three different sets of combinations, let's take a look~

Table of contents

  1. Ame’s Frenzy Flow
  2. Eiserner’s Frenzy Flow
  3. Lyla's Explosive Barrage Flow

【Ame’s Frenzy Flow】

Rumi has introduced you to the Emil special effects flow before. Today, focusing on Ame and Dong Huanlong, I have come up with a new Ame's Frenzy Flow for your reference. The key difference from Ame's Special Effect Flow lies in Joe. Joe's Overload Barrier and the Overload Field summoned by his skill can remain on the battlefield and greatly enhance the output of firepower heroes. Therefore, position Joe as the first to enter the field and instantly inflict WOUND status with Fission Gun, followed by the ultimate to activate the Overload Field and enhance Ame's subsequent output. Then, release the skill 'Overload Shield Strike' to provide the entire team with an Overload state.

Then switch to Dong Huanlong. use the Heavy Machine Gun to inflict WEAK status, and then release the ultimate to let the Dragon continue its attacks. Follow up with the skill “Dragon Bind' to further increase damage.

Finally, have Ame enter the field, release 'Firepower Assault' to activate Firepower Barrage, inflict WOUND status, and charge 'Wind Cannon.' Then, after charging 'Wind Cannon,' release it and follow up with 'Wind Blade Blast’ to launch a dense attack of wind blades. Combined with Dong Huanlong's Dragon Attacks, the overall output is extremely impressive.

Lastly, I have attached a combo diagram for your practice.

【Eiserner’s Frenzy Flow】

Now, let's take a look at the combo recommendations for Eiserner with Dong Huanlong and Joe as two supports.

To enhance Eiserner's damage, the combo sequence for the supports remains the same as before, but Joe's weapon is changed to a bow that provides a damage boost to the team.

After the combo between Joe and Dong Huanlong, switch directly to Eiserner. First, inflict FREEZE status with the matched Laser Gun, then release the ultimate 'Highground Firepower’ and follow up with the skill ‘Targeting Wings' with 5 charges to maximize the damage of the skill. You can continue to attack with the Laser Gun, triggering Laser Strike continuously with Eiserner's passive to further increase overall output.

A combo diagram for Eiserner's Frenzy Flow is also attached for your reference, commanders.

【Lyla's Explosive Barrage Flow】

Rumi guessed that some commanders still prefer the Puffer Bomber 'Lyla.' Therefore, I have prepared the latest team recommendation focusing on Lyla as the main DPS hero! This team consists of Lyla, Dong Huanlong, and Lilith, with Lilith providing some sustainability to help Lyla maintain her position for optimal output. In practical battles, I recommend having Lilith enter the field first. After instantly inflicting WOUND status with the Fission Gun, release the ultimate to boost the team's output continuously. Then, release the 'Genetic Powerball’ to ensure the team maintains a healthy state.

Next, switch to Dong Huanlong, use the Bow to inflict BURN status, and then release the ultimate ‘Dragon Soars’ to apply the DMG Augmentation' effect on enemies, further enhancing subsequent output. Follow up with the skill ‘Dragon Bind’ to increase overall damage.

Finally, switch to the main character Lyla and use the Gatling Gun to inflict WEAK status. Then, release the ultimate to increase the number of Puffer Bombs. Combined with the passive summoning of Puffer Bombs, the number of Puffer Bombs reaches its maximum. At this point, the Puffer Bombs detonate, dealing a massive amount of damage and instantly depleting the enemy's health.

Of course, I have also prepared a combo diagram for Lyla's combo. Take a look, commanders!