Event Top-up Gifts


1. Djinn Lucky Draw

Violet's Skin: Dimension Breaker

Violet's Dimension Breaker skin is here!

Ah, the high school uniform on Violet is just too captivating!

Rare Skin: Future Fighter

  Future Warrior, the rare skin of Trevor, is about to make a stunning debut, featuring all-new in-game skill effects. Absolutely dashing! Rumi, for one, is totally going to become his fangirl this time!

  During this period, the drop rate for Limited Weapons in the Treasure Dig will also increase. We wish you the best of luck in finding the weapons you desire.

2. Monthsary Daily Top-Up Benefits

Top up USD 0.99 every day to randomly obtain Rare Character Tokens or Alloy Pickaxes.

3. Limited-Time Weapon Treasure Dig Chance UP

From September 21 to September 25, enjoy Chance UP in the Base Pool of Weapon Treasure Dig! The chances of obtaining Gatlings, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, and Assault Rifles are increased.

4. Extra Monthsary Celebration Coins

Participate in the event for extra Celebration Coins, which can be exchanged for Legendary Weapon Fragments, Rare Character Tokens, and various Pickaxes!

Celebration Missions

There are four missions in total, the first two can be completed for free. Completing these two will earn you more than 100 Celebration Coins.

Both Premium and Value Items can be exchanged for weapon fragments. Don't miss out!