Event Team Scene: Winter Night Carnival

The unique charm of the long winter! The New Prep Field Winter Night Carnival is coming!

Hello, Commanders! A new year has arrived, and certainly, we have to celebrate it in the game. So, a new Prep Field: Winter Night Carnival is coming soon! Let's check it out!

Upload Time

The New Prep Field: Winter Night Carnival will be available in Djinn Wish on January 8.

Winter Night Carnival Preview

The revelry tiptoes in through the dancing snow. The carnival in the long winter is the most wanted festive occasion for everyone to dive in.
This new scene brings you to a tranquil night with a sheet of mysterious auroras. Reindeer dragging sleds to rush bring out the winter romance in all its glory. Commanders will control the Character to run in the scene towards victory through the snow!

Special Attribute Bonus

Use the Winter Night Carnival Prep Field to enhance the team's ATK in Joint Operation by 5%, grant 500 Global Power boost, and gain 40 Armament Points!

Tips From Rumi:

  1. If the Commander equips a Field with different Joint Operation Attribute Bonus from teammates, apply the Commander's bonus first.
  2. If multiple teammates have the same bonus, apply the highest bonus first.
  3. If the Commander enters a team room without equipping any Field, and teammates have equipped a different Prep Field, apply the latest equipped Prep Field Bonus first.

Talk with Rumi

That's all for the reveal today!

The new limited Prep Field: Winter Night Carnival will immerse the Commanders in the never-ending winter romance! If you have any questions, just leave a message in the comments!