Event Obtain Alessio For Free

Hello, Commanders! It's been so long!
I would like to introduce you to a new friend.
It's Alessio from Navenia!
He has prepared many gifts for you!
Let's take a look!
[Help Alessio repair Metal Navenia. Repair Navenia to Get Alessio.]
From February 9 to 24:00 on February 25, simply log in and participate in the Repair Navenia event in the game to obtain the new Character, Alessio, for free!
As for the details, you need to help Alessio complete repair tasks, such as completing Alessio's trial stages, watching Alessio's videos, etc., to earn Repair Points and receive various in-game rewards!
Upon completing the repair progress in all regions, you will receive 50 Alessio's Character Tokens. Collecting 50 tokens will get you Alessio!|
With agile shooting ability and intense, concentrated artillery coverage, Alessio, the Firepower Character, will bring charm to your adventurous journey in Metal Slug, igniting passion and excitement!