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"Red stop, green go" is a racing mini-game where you and three other Commanders race to the finish line under the surveillance of a mole radar. When the light on the mole radar turns yellow, it will randomly turn around within 5s. Commanders still moving when it turns will be rooted for 3s.

Event Time: September 21, 05:00-October 1, 04:59. You can participate in this game mode up to 3 times daily.

Participate in the event to obtain Drive License Fragments, Violet's Tokens, and Sapphires.

FREE Skin—Eri's Purple Thunder!

Move like lightning, strike like thunder—Eri's Purple Thunder skin is here to surprise you!

Participate in daily mission events to collect Fruits. Use these Fruits to exchange for Eri's skin: Purple Thunder.

Event Time: September 21, 05:00-September 28, 05:00