Event Get a new FREE Vehicle [Sonic Alpaca]


Sonic Alpaca, the highly popular new vehicle, is about to launch. Want to ride it across the continent? Join the event to get it for free!

Check out its adorable bangs, stylish sunglasses, and tiny yellow scarf, it's truly the sweetest thing in the world—Sonic Alpaca! Despite its cute appearance, those twin heavy HMGs and a huge set of audio equipment on its back make it unorthodox but totally Sluggish!

Besides the HMGs, Sonic Alpaca's secret weapon is its sonic attack! Its bouncy steps combined with sonic bombs provide massive DPS. Isn't that cool?

It uses its Skill 1: Ultrasonic Leap to keep emitting sound waves while it hops, damaging enemies in range and shattering their eardrums!


And Skill 2: Bass Bombard is to call for support when enemies are clustered, dropping a multitude of bass bombs. No enemy in the area can escape the bombing. This is not your ordinary spitting alpaca; its attack style is totally unique.