Event Find Fio


SOS! Find Fio

Opens: Mar 23, 5:00-Apr 6  

Enter the Game to participate in the SOS! Find Fio event, get Random Letter packs, and complete missions to earn Clue Cards. Decrypt the clues, rescue Fio, and win big prizes such as Alloy Pickaxes, Sapphires, and Random Legendary Weapon Fragments!

Grand Treasure Hunt

Let’s explore the Metal Slug Continent together where there are many places where hidden treasures await. Join us for the exciting Treasure Hunt !

In the Metal Slug World, a mysterious treasure map has surfaced. Follow the map’s guidance, complete the tasks, and earn valuable items and clues. You can also visit the shop to exchange for Vortex HMG Fragment, diamonds, pickaxes, Sonic Alpaca fragments, and Alessio fragment along with other growth resources that will help boost your strength, Commander.