Event 1.5 Version Event Benefit Collection

Benefit Event|The Genius Spec-Ops, Submarine Hunt Set Off Is Coming with Plenty of New Benefit Events. Dive Deep in the Submarine Hunt to Win and Exchange Value Rewards Such As Fragments!

Hello, Commanders! The whole new version of The Genius Spec-Ops, Submarine Hunt Set Off will kick off on March 12! The thrilling adventure never stops! To keep commanders stocked with excitement, here's the latest news on this week's benefit events. Check out what benefits and rewards are waiting for you this week! (Please subject to in-game adjustments)


  1. New Version Benefits
  2. End of the Month! Prime Rush
  3. Submarine Hunt Survival Battle
  4. Fission Gun For All

New Version Benefits

Opens: March 12

A new version is coming with hot benefit missions! Once the new version is launched, Commanders can exchange Sapphires, Coins, and other prizes with the New Version Invitation! Additionally, accumulated Activity grants you Sapphires, Rose Gems, and more gifts.

Most importantly, you can share the event and receive items such as Alloy Pickaxes, Military Card IV, and more items!

End of the Month! Prime Rush

Event Time: Mar 26-Apr 1, 4:59

Rush! Hurry and fight to be the strongest in the Prime Showdown! Participate in the daily Prime Showdown to collect Metal Slug License Fragments. Moreover, you can receive items such as the Sapphire Surprise Chest, Character Lottery Items, Alloy Pickaxes, and others! Don't miss out on this opportunity if you want to boost your power!

Submarine Hunt Survival Battle

Event Time:  After version update on March 12

Ride across the deep ocean on the vehicle and experience the survival challenge. The Submarine Hunt has it all! Commanders can earn Submarine Exchange Fragment x400 by achieving certain kills, certain levels, and a total of certain survival time in a single game to exchange these fragments for rewards! Besides, there are fantastic rewards like Military Card IV and Coins to assist Commanders to dominate the deep sea!

Fission Gun For All

Event Time: Mar 7- Mar 18, 4:59 

New Version, New Weapon! Fission Guns Join the Arsenal! Participate in the event, complete daily missions, and earn exchangeable items. Exchange for powerful items such as the Military Card IV, General Core Parts, and even claim the devastating Devour Fission Gun. Don't miss out! These items and new weapons will help Commanders enhance their power smoother than ever!

Talk with Rumi

That's all for our event this week! Here's to hoping you have fun and get the new, powerful Fission Gun soon! If you have any questions, please feel free to tell me about it in the comments!